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Friday, August 29, 2008

iPhone Girl

iPhone? what is iPhone? how does it look like? I'm pretty much a lots out there asking all these Q.. but for those blogger.. i think u got the A already.... do check it out at Apple official website

I heard there is a craze season sales for this iPhone at s'pore... People start to queue up at midnight just to wait for the shop to open... OMG ! what so "GENG" about this phone?? the features? How about M'sia? how the sales?

The iPhone so "HOT" until the news all over the WEB discussing how great this iPhone is? how "GENG" this iPhone is? and so on and on....

Breaking news - quoted from "YAHOO NEWS"... a British customer posted a discussion at MacRumors.com stated that inside his phone has a few pictures of a factory working girl poses with iPhone..

hahaha.. how can the Seller so so careless to delete all the memories inside the phone before pack and distribute it out? and now this little cute girl make a headline across the World.. haha.. so easy to famous... hmmm....

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