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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Avril Lavigne - Malaysia Concert Cancelled

I'm so so so disappointed with the news that govt. want this concert to be cancel... what the problem with AL's image? what about "US" non-muslim (so-called minority) in this country, freely to enjoy everything?? WE (so-called minority) lost our right for everything... I'm so disappointed with all the reasons given (just the excuses) to called-off the concert...

1st - PAS suggest this "PUNK" culture not suitable toM'sia Youth especially for a Islamic country..

2nd - Concert date is on Merdeka month, Merdeka DAY just two days after the concert and its at MERDEKA STADIUM..

3rd - Govt put a blame on organizer (GALAXY) whereby havent got the approval then sell the ticket and promote the concert...

4th - AL's image is "too sexy"...

5th - On 29th there is one tahlil program goin on..

All the excuses being stated above.. really like an excuse cover another excuse whereby all is really ridiculous... The concert being promote by the organizer one month ago and only when PAS want to call for banning the concert only then the GOVT voice out all the excuses.. also only less 10 days for the concert, all the "hu ha" coming out...

Beside, all the foreign media reported the news far away earlier than LOCAL media.. why why why? without Internet, i think i'm still "katak dibawah tempurung"... Please dont cover up all the news.. we deserve to know... now M'sia are well-known for this matter...

The Sun - New York

USA Today


Yahoo news


Malaysia - TheStar


When the organizer start to announce the AL's M'sia concert.. its was the only SEA stop for this tour.. and my frenz at s'pore confirm also AL will skip s'pore.. so out of sudden, AL will performing at S'pore on 7th Sept.. I think AL mgmt cant take the risk and faster change plan and add S'pore in the tour list rather than nothing at SEA..

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