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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Rakuzen - Chulan Sq (Closed)

Date : 10.08.08
Time : 12.00pm - 3.00pm
Location : Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant, Chulan Square
Price : RM55.00++
Food : Japanese Food - Eat-All-U-Can (only available on Sunday)
Attendee : Carmen, Jane, Candy, Joanne (Me)

The gang decide to meet up after almost 3 months busy with everyone own life.. as usual, we go for Buffet and our favourite is Japanese Food... I been searching through internet for some nice Japanese food or reasonable Buffet.. that found out Rakuzen got the top ranking... OK.. then why not give it a try right? hehe...
The restaurant is at upstair.. the deco is quite classy.... i was arrive quite early as many of the bookie have arrive.. so snap some picture of the environment...

The table was ready to be serve... such as chopstick, plate, sauce and importantly WASABI...

We browse through the menu what to order as this is Eat-All-U-Can and Rakuzen serve it in a different classy way... Just get the waitress/waiter and order from everything from the menu and the waiter/waitress will serve the food right at your table... You just sit back and relax after placing the order.... Frankly speaking, not so much choices on the menu compare to those Buffet type like SASAKI or SHOGUN... But this is another kind of experience for buffet type of environment..
Here are what we had order and very satisfy with the food quality.. its awesome especially the SASHIMI.. definitely a thumbs ups ups upsss for it... good good good....

The food is awesome, they use different kind of plate to serve the eater... our table full of plates and we manage to finish all the food.. see all the plates is empty.. hehe....


  1. u guys love shasimi a lot ya....errr...i just take cooked food in japanese restaurant, but i like their food.

  2. Beside sashimi.. the food just OK only.. nth to shout about..


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