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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Avril Lavigne ON STAGE @ Malaysia

Yuppie.. Finally after all the "HU HA" and after M'sia making all the headlines across the World.. Avril Lavigne's Malaysia concert is still "ON".. The organizer already got the permit for the cocnert to go ahead.. phew!! lucky lucky lucky..

Actually.. I also dunno what the purpose behind for the GOVT came out the statement to BAN the concert and then at the end approve it..

1st all the ppl blaming on PAS and Govt wish to ban the concert due to the pressure given PAS.. But of course GOVT denied it..

2nd the reason was concide with Merdeka Month and just two days to Merdeka Day.. come on.. the promotion for this AL concert already started one month ago.. dont tell me u Mr. GOVT dont read newspaper.. why? why? why? why dont ban it earlier but when PAS oppose it only Mr. GOVT take action??

3rd after so confirm to cancellation, then why why why still approved it? After the headlines flying all around the WORLD and ppl laughing at M'sia being so so so"XXXXXxxxxxXXxx" ... U want to please the ppl that lauhing at us that AL not too sexy? or or.. any reason behind not sure..

Finally i want to say thousand TENKIU to Mr. GOVT.. there are two reasons behind of it..

1st - TEN Q for bringing back Avril Lavgine to rock the stage on 29th August at Merdeka Stadium..

2nd - For promoting M'sia to the WORLD.. we are really truly M'sia... Now who don't know Malaysia??

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  1. Malaysia like to make headlines for all the wrong reasons.


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