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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gopeng - Durian Fest

The best DURIAN - in my personal view is at my beautiful kampung which is GOPENG.. Importantly it is FOC as my father planted few durian trees at old folks home... Since now is the DURIAN season and my time to back home.. of course and definitely there are few DURIAN for me.. hehe...

(look full every single of it...)

(see the zik zak of the layout?)

(the DURIAN quite ripe - look yellowish)

whatelse after nice photograph of it? of course the taste.. hmmmm..... yummy..

(wow.. this is the look when tasting the best DURIAN)

(opppss )

(seems like want to eat the seed also.. hahaha)

the DURIAN isnt big.. but full of DURIAN seed inside.. definitely will give u full taste.... i'm quite FULL.. blurp.. excuse me.. full of DURIAN smell.. hahaha

(wow.. how many seed for this DURIAN? and importantly the seed is small one and not those big.. which means there is more taste for the DURIAN)

Such a satisfying feeling... great.. hehe.. hopefully this isn't my last for this season...

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