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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

PASTA de GOHAN - Sunway Pyramid

Went to one Japanese pasta restaurant at Sunway Pyramid (above title is the cafe name lo).. As heard there are many many many choices of Pasta and Pizza... so i paid a visit to this restaurant last weekend (23rd Aug 2008 - 23.08.2008)

Wow wow.. the menu really colorful.. dont understand english also nevermind.. every single food and drink there is a photo.. so choose whichever u like lo.. hehe.... good good good.. increase people appertizer before eat..

Many choices leh.. until cannot decide what to order.. kekeke... finally make the order and waiting for food to serve... there varieties choices for pizza.. so unlimited cheese and chili powder for u.. these two powder definitely cannot be miss out for pizza.. hehe

ya ya ya... yeah.. the Japanese Green Tea serve first... as my sister said these are the best green tea as the tea very light color.. and also serve with mini salad (free of charge).... since it is Japanese restaurant, so the salad dress with soy sauce lo.. a bit salty la..

Finally the main dish arrive.. the PASTA.. overall not really so fancy about the taste.. may b'm choosing the wrong choice.. but consider delicious... just nothing to shout about only...

(very fresh prawn + egg yolk + creamy sauce = RM28.00)

(pasta in kimchi soup - RM25.00)

Finally finally, what's up... the desert la.. hehe.. sweetie sweetie.. nothing is complete without a nice sweetie... the Tiramisu Vannila ice-cream (RM10.90)

(banana + cornflake + strawberry + vanilla ice-cream + tiramisu)

(tiramisu from the ice-cream)

so so.. very fullll and satisfy with the food + drink + dessert... hehe.. enjoying the cafe decor.. blurp blurp.. excuse me.. hehe....


  1. Hey u from Gopeng ar? Kopisan or Fei kei cheong?

  2. Falcon - looks good doesn't means taste good.. haha..
    josephine - u from gopeng also? i'm gopeng town lo.. not kopisan or lawan kuda.. hehe

  3. waaa...is this a new place?
    all the pictures show thats a nice place..

  4. It has been ages since I last visited Sunway Pyramid. This post rekindle old memories. Thanks for the visit. Hope to see you again


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