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Sunday, September 21, 2008

MoonCake Festival at KAMPUNG

My mooncake festival very happening at Kampung.. everyday year i definitely go back celebrate.. coz only left my parent (mother and father) at home only.. so no matter how and what, i will take leave and go back de lo.. hehe.... my father like lively environment....

This year I decide to have BBQ.. a bit different la.. so this year Auntie Sim's family and Uncler Yip's family join us for the celebration.. so total is 3 family about 10 person.. hehe.. nice nice...

(i use the brick to stand the BBQ that everyone can stand)

(the fried mee and BBQ's food)

(table still empty - party still havent start yet)

(praying started - but dunno Y the table stilll empty)

Beside the food, of course cannot be missed during MoonCake Festival is the tanglung and assorted colour candle lo... tanglung is everywhere and the candle light is everywhere... hahaha...

i'm still like kid and like very much the MoonCake celebration festive mood... so so tanglung cannot be miss.. since i adult jor lo.. PAPA not buying for me liao... so so.. me and my sister bought one very last minutes..... very traditional one and super pretty de...

(mine pretty butterfly tanglung)

(my sister - fish fish tanglung)

So the MoonCake Festive at kampung ended very nicely.. super full with all the food... hehehe

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