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Monday, December 22, 2014

2014 Christmas Decoration fahrenheit 88


F88 decorated with giant teddy bear and big gift boxes. This remind me of Mid Valley's z'mas decoration few years back. Is it recycle from there? Anyway, it is still very good angle for teddy bear fan for photo shooting. 

I like the most is the teddy bear sitting at the air balloon. Instead using traditional christmas tree, the mall use the jingle ball to make the tree. Creative enough? You to jugde it. Purple colour really outstanding.

Fahrenheit 88 Teddy Bear
Main Entrance [Hello Kitty - by Kitchen]

Fahrenheit 88 KL
Main Entrance

Christmas 2014 KL
Main corridor towards Center Court

Christmas Decoration
Entrance of Toys for Joys

KL Christmas
Purple Jingle Ball Christmas Tree

KL Christmas

Christmas Decoration 2014
Hello Kitty welcoming YOU !!

Christmas KL 2014
Snow Man
Christmas 2014
The best shot by ME !! LOL

Christmas 2014 KL Shopping Mall
Giant Teddy Bear

Christmas KL 2014

Christmas 2014
Huge Cupcake with Giant Teddy Bear

KL 2014
Tiring bear

Christmas 2014
From up Up up !!

KL 2014 Festival
At ceiling

KL Christmas
At ceiling

Christmas KL 2014
At ceiling

KL Christmas

Fahrenheit 88 Christmas
Merry Christmas
A Wonderful Christmas 2014 !!!

1 comment:

  1. nice one the decorations.Almost forget there is this fahrenheit 88 shopping mall. Did u go to Pavilion as well? their christmas decorations are quite outstanding heehe


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