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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mient's Burger at Port Dickson

Few months ago, I went to PD for 2 days 1 night with 1 girl friend. During at night, we unable to get food to eat and scare of those Chinese restaurant will kill the bill.. So she use fourquare apps to search for recommended good food.. We found a burger stall seems very high star !! Why not?

We use WAZE GPS to guide us through the road and it is easily can be found.. It just located at a row of Malays stall nearby Port Dickson Waterfront.. Some call it Foodcourt Oceanic Mall... 

When we arrived, quite crowded as that day is Thomas Cup final, Malaysia vs Japan... We ordered burger set which come with drinks.. Its took times to serve so if you feel damn hungry, please dont go as your main meal..

Mient's Burger Port Dickson
Burger Ayam Special
Burger Ayam Special is my favourite and sometimes if I will add cheese slice.. Look at the Pepper sauce? It is tempting? Yum yum !! The overall presentation is nice especially the bread is not being press... The meat very well grill with whereby they will put some soy sauce and white pepper..

Port Dickson
McD Ayam Burger
The chicken patty is different from those we had in Ramly's Burger Stall.. It copy McDonald's burger... So it is quite western but cook in eastern way.. Ermm.. I still prefer to original Ramly's style..

Cheesy Wedges
Cheezy Wedges
Mient's Burger
Mient's Burger Port Dickson
P/S - photo taken using HTX ONE X

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