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Friday, December 5, 2014

Popiah at Big Tree Ipoh

Ipoh "Dai Shu Geok" or Big Tree Hawker Stall very famous of the yong liew. But there also other food that worth to try. 

POPIAH - a very healthy food whereby consist of fresh vegetables. Yum yum... Nowadays, quite hard to find delicious popiah. This stall is really worth to try and no regret.

The red sauce plus chili sauce is perfect combination. Added some crispy thing, you will feel "kriuk kriuk" when eating.. Thumbs up... 

Ipoh Food
Popiah at Big Tree Ipoh

Ipoh Food
Awesomely delicious Popiah

Ipoh Hawker
Popiah Stall at Big Tree Ipoh

P/S - Photo shoot by HTC One X

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