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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple Life with Healthy Meal

Venue - Simple Life Healthy Vegetarian Restaurant
Date - 17th May 2014 (Saturday dinner)
Address - Wisma CKE (Opposite Taman Midah)

Heard this restaurant quite some time already but didnt know its open branch at here.. Since is the most wheel-chair friendly location, I bring my father along... Vegetarian Organic food... I like vegetarian but not really know how organic taste will be... 

Simple Life Restaurant
Only round table

Since 3 of us share the meal, so we decide to order set meal.. So 2 set meals can fit 3 of us... Very full really.. I never had this kind of brown rice before... Inside got red bean... Not really fancy towards this type of rice...
Simple Life Restaurant
Beancurd Roll with Chinese Herb Soup - RM19.90

Simple Life Restaurant
Vegetarian Assam Fish - RM18.90

Simple Life Restaurant
Brown Sugar Citronella Tea - RM5.90
Citronella sound high class right? Actually its lemongrass drink. Not bad for this drink lover...

Simple Life Restaurant
Longan Carol Seaweed - RM5.90
Organic Soy Milk + Black Sesame - RM5.90

Simple Life Restaurant
My dad and I sharing one meal set
Simple Life Restaurant
My sister enjoying her brocoli
Simple Life
Main Entrance

Simple Life Restaurant

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