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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bear Paw @ Sri Petaling (Closed)

Basically I'm not sure why there is a TREND that everybody is rushing to eat this so called BEAR PAW bun. After taste it, for me just a kind of burger and the uniqueness the shape of the bun... as the name already stated BEAR PAW... yup.. its cute...

Beside cute, its taste good too.. The bun very soft and rich of flavour... Its doesnt dry like you eat McD that kind... So depends on which flavour of bun you choose... I brought a voucher = RM9.90 inclusive a bear paw and drink

Sri Petaling
Two Orchado + 2 Bear Paw

Choice of Bun - we choose brown sugar and pumpkin.
Choice of Patty - we choose Chicken and Spicy Chicken
Sauces - Thousand Island

Drink - we choose Lemon Yakult and Jasmin Greet Tea

Its took few minutes for them to prepare the bun and it serve HOT... so if crowded then you need to wait.. As for me, I just waited about 5 minutes since there isnt any order...

The brown sugar bun taste sweet and fragrant... I would choose this again... The pumpkin bun just tasteless but it give a nice colour to the bun... 

Sri Petaling
Two pieces of Bun with patty in the middle

Sri Petaling
My sister happy with her PAW

There are few set meal for you to choose for and the price range from RM11.90 to RM14.90. Its depends what type of drink you want..

For the deal I bought, I can choose any set meal, so of course I go for the most expensive one lo... hehehe !!

Overall it little pricey for me.. Once a while then its OK... Anyway, worthy to give it a try, its delicious...

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