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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

MoonCake Festival

A different mooncake festival for this year and onwards... Since my mom is a strokee.. she unable to prepare it.. My younger sister and me preparing for it.. So this year the MoonCake festival a little different from others year... And also the simplest one we have ever... Sorry mom and dad.. a simple celebration but i know you both very enjoyed that night...


(a very nice shot from my little lumix)

(a nice reflection from my car mirror)

(wah !! so many tanglung)

(simple preparation for celebration)

(mom and dad and my younger sister and me - enjoying snapping picture whole night)

(two big big girls still enjoying the tanglung)

Even though tired and like clueless on the preparation but everything goes well and quite satisfy with it... hopefully next year can be better.. hehehe...

But that year unable to see the moon.. too bad.. why every year on chinese calender 15th Aug which is MoonCake festival also unable to see the moon.. sometimes some year, will rain de.. haihzz... the next day the moon much more nicer ... i think should re-calculate the chinese calender.. a bit seems not accurate if based on the MOON...

hmmm... but but... I'm just follower... :)

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  1. enjoy the festival while u can and hopefully such festival is still known in our next generation


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