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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Meeting an old friend !!

How is the feeling meeting an old friend back? Surprisingly excited.. Very surprise and super excited.. Its about 10 years ago since the last met up.. Its unbelievable the connection still there...

Ha ha !! Thanks to the CYBER WORLD...

Kerry aka Siew Pao - my ex-housemate + unimate... Those days - our communication way very little due to $$$... even SMS also not that cheap... SMS only can to same network and quite expensive per SMS.. Poor student like me really cant afford.. Unlimited online? faraway from that.. Remembered when connect to Internet, the modemn will yelling "tiiiiiiiiiii, tuuu. ti tu ti tu".. Charging as per KB and in one house, one person can online at one time only...

Nowadays, MSN is quite popular beside Skype.. Those days, MIRC and ICQ are the top popular among all and then Yahoo Messenger.. Give up Yahoo Messenger quite some time as mostly contact move to MSN..

Today not sure what wind blowing to me, I open the Yahoo Messenger and few second later, a very familiar name pop-out from the screen... OMG !! really happy !! Happy and excited is not because he is Kerry.. Its because able to meet a long lost friend..

Even just chatted with him a while, but that moment bring me back to my uni time.. So memorable... You make my day.. Thanks..

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