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Monday, March 10, 2014

Life without Water !!

Its so happen that I'm joining Thirty Run at Petaling Jaya coming Sunday (22nd March 2014).. and now most of KL/Selangor area under rationing water supply.... 

In this modern day, its very sad that our country has very poor water supply management... Plus these few weeks the weather is extremely hot.. haihzzz... 

Life without water really terrible.. I, myself experience it for 1 month with water supply in January 2013.. Is this a joke that its consider annual event? OMG !!!

Mamak Stall with Paper plate/cup
I try to avoid restaurant/stall around my area due to not sure where they get the water to cook food... Since one of the mamak stall start using paper cup and plate... haihzzz.. Cost increasing, will they increase the food price???

Home food more... But no water to water kitchen utensil... Haihzzzz...

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