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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Face 2 Face Noodle House - Sri Petaling (Closed)

After my first try at Face 2 Face Kampar some time ago... I really miss this place.. And finally I bump into another branch at Sri Petaling.. How can I miss the chance??? lol.. I'm sure most of people prefer JoJo pan mee but I really dont fancy about that brand of pan mee due to I got bad eating experience overthere...

But this Face 2 Face really got their own unique...

All the top recommendation is all over the wall...
If you unsure what to choose, look at the wall...

A lots of chillie for you to choose..
What spicy level you can accept??

Kimchi Dumpling Pan Mee

My Favourite Face 2 Face Pan Mee..
Their specialty...

Dumpling !!
So delicious !!
Very big size...


  1. I tried their pan mee before at other branches and I think it's not bad (:

  2. I live in KL 3 years already also haven't tried their pan mee before. But Aunty Lan's pan mee also not bad. :))

  3. liked it ~ =D

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