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Saturday, January 14, 2012

CNY Decoration 2012 - Times Square

Let's start my CNY Decoration 2012 from Times Square... Why choose BTS? The most frequent mall that I visited.. At least twice a week.. Why? Gym lo...

Just a glance, the decoration quite impressive as very traditional.. All the red red red... I quite like it but many of us said too "kolot" and not creative... Yup.. Not creative is part of it as some of the materials are recycle from last year... But protect environment and save the earth so recycle is good...

I would say, better than nothing... at least...

The Main Entrance - very grand also - LIKE

One of the two side of the main entrance

I wish my FATE will arrive soon :P
Really dont want face.. hahaha..
Just a wish..
I like the flower - look so blossom
yeah.. even though is fake.. yet very beautiful

The mini shop decoration..
There are about 5-6 mini shops surround the big big tree in the middle

The view from 1st floor at the side
The big tanglung very nice

The view without the big tanglung

At the backside - only two big tanglung
More than enough

At the middle side... Look great..

Happy Dragon 2012 !!

P/S - notice there are two clothes within the photos above... Photos taken in two days... as there is some added decor after the 1st shooting, decide to touch up on 2nd shooting... !!!


  1. What time you were there? Hardly any crowd around

  2. times square one is the same every year i think... as i see from the tanglungs and decos, lol.

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