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Monday, January 16, 2012

Suria KLCC - CNY Decoration 2012

KLCC major decorations for CNY is tanglung... But the most important Dragon cannot be missed... The dragon is GOLD in colour and very sparkling... The more I look at the dragon the most I like it... The Gold Dragon look quite fatty.. Its bring propesrity meaning to me... Feeling everything will be smooth and good for year Dragon 2012...

I wish I could hug the dragon !!

Center view
The Gold Dragon located at the ground floor of Center Court
(Dont go steal it, not a real gold)

Why blocking me?
I want to touch my lucky dragon !!

Two giant red tanglung above the dragon
Really huge !!
How many kilos? 88kg? Huat ah !!

My Dragon help me to push away all the bad luck !!
The sky so bright !!

Tanglung Tanglung is everywhere

Every entrance to Suria KLCC is full of tanglung
Make a wish !!

Tanglung at Center Court escalator

Happy Gold Dragon 2012 !!

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