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Sunday, March 18, 2012

FullHouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe @ Giza Mall

Sunday a really good day for me to hea+ing everywhere... So I lazy around at Sunway Giza Mall with my sister... yeah yeah !!! Drive all the way from Cheras to Kota Damansara.. Not really a short distance for me.. As I dont know the shortest route..

So from Bandar Sri Permaisuri to Federal Highway to LDP and all the way to Giza Mall... Woohoo !! About 1 hour drive... Yeah yeah yeah !!! My driving skill is more or less like that la... Safety enough then OK lo...

Fullhouse cafe really a unique place to dine in.. Its a good place to gather few friends and to have a little chat.. Unfortunately, set lunch didnt applicable on weekend... Because the set lunch really super cheap... Will FullHouse open branch at Pavillion???

Mushroom Soup - RM8.90
Very creamy mushroom taste.. Plus the nut (not sure the name)
So thick and delicious !!

Chicken Chop with some special sauce - RM16.90
The chicken so tender and juicy but the sauce a little sweet...
The mash potatoe really superb... Love it...



Dory Fish with special sauce - RM16.90
A lots of vegetable... Perfect combination with the mash potatoe
Really a lots !!

Lavender Lemon Ice Blended - RM6.90
Sweet and Sour !!!
Perfect drink after heavy meal !!

Creme Brulee - RM10.90
My first time to taste this dessert.. and look very similar to chinese egg custard...
This one is very good with the caramelizing sugar on the top..

Nice on ME !!!

Their signature decoration which is mini car.. I think every branch do have one...

Arranging my second visit... In love with their Mash Potatoe !!


  1. I love their Forest Mushroom Soup! I miss it so much now!

  2. whoots! nicee! u make me hungry too! =( anyway so fast arrange for second visit? lolll

  3. Environment is nice but the food was just mediocre~

  4. Penang has Full House in Penang times square too! but i never try before :X

  5. haven't tried b4. but the decor looks so nice^^

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