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Friday, May 9, 2008


Recently found out one website quite interesting. Is something like chatroom whereby u can create your own room as well. You (inside the chatroom) can move around here and there and the dialog box will appear at the screen. so nice the graphic. I'm quite addicted to it.

1) can know more ppl from different places.

2) lepak..ing while i a bit bored at work

3) enjoy the graphic

4) etc.. (let u to find out)

I notice mostly ppl are from S'pore & M'sia. Thailand and Korea also got.. but a bit only.. Importantly.. mostly the chatter there is range from 11 years old to unlimited.. as old as me.. its ok.. i enjoy it quite much for a 2nd day there.. get to know some little frenz.. he he..

let me introduce the nice chatroom..

habbo.com , habbo.com.sg , habbo.com.my

nice? pretty? its ok.. i change it my outlook.. he he
have a nice chat there.. super !!

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