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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cambodia Trip

My Cambodia trip from 21st - 25th May 2008.

I went to Siem Reap on 21st - 24th and Phnom Nenh on 24th - 25th. Such a good experience during this trip. and i feel i very bless where i at Malaysia.

This is the first trip for this year 2008. I booked the air flight on Oct 2007 and plan my trips as this is a free and easy trip. I need to book hotel and plan the itineary myself. this is the first time i went to a stranger country whereby i'm not sure the places around, language, food and etc.. plus need to walk around myself..

me and my travel partner do some studies on the places also.. but all also quite depends on me.. coz i quite nervous on the places where i'm not familiar.. so i get more information on it..

So i do some studies at online to get to know all the places around, get the map and everything to plan my itineary.. so quite excited to been at the place..

its nice to visit such places like cambodia.. especially i amaze by angkor wat..

angkor wat is marvellous.. food is nice.. ppl is friendly.. just a bit expensive coz using USD..
even local ppl using USD.. so for 3rd world country like cambodia, i pity local ppl only.. so poor liao.. still using USD.. then things not cheap also especially the food.. more expensive than M'sia..
so i very bless that i at m'sia.. and feel m'sia things is okie jor..

but anyway, comparison is pointless espcially toward two different kind of countries..

anyway.. feell happi after the trip.. open my eye for another world.. :)

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