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Friday, May 16, 2008

Fixing the "PAIP"

Since i moved in to the current house where i rent out the whole unit and be a temporary second sub owner.. i need to take care of the maintenance for the house also.. the small small things.. i can fix.. i will fix lo.. to save my cost ma..

recently i fix one "PAIP hose" for the first time.. ok la.. quite easy job..

i take the spoil one fo the "NG KAM TIM (shop)" buy the things and later found out at DIY shop is much cheaper.. of course the NG KAM TIM one is better quality.. but not my hse ma.. so good quality for what wor.. he he.. then buy spanar lo.. and the white tape for PAIP one.. i dunno what that call la..

luckily i r'ber to close the main switch.. if not all water flow out.. haha.. so r'ber when fixing paip r'ber to close the main one...

(The tools i used and the spoilt paip hose)

(tadah.. new paip hose and water running smoothly)

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