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Monday, May 31, 2010

Life !!

What is LIFE? What kind of LIFE do I need / want?

I been asking this Q for now and then.. Yet couldn't get any answer...

A need/want really depends on individual and yet will vary from time to time... this is LIFE stage/circle... When at certain level of LIFE, then need/want will be different...

Previously, before I'm attached, I know what I want.. I can control everything... how to enjoy my LIFE.. Now I'm in relationship.. everything different.. How different? When in relationship, cconsideration is from two parties [me and him].. decision - should be come from two parties [me and him] but sometimes only one party concern... due to time constraint..

When the relationship grew stronger and more stable.. its goes to another level... whereby Marriage take place.. then two families involve... why must involve two families? because SHE and HE do have own burden which need to bear for their own family.. how to share all these between HE and SHE.. that's really matter..

That's why i always asking myself whether I'm ready?

I'm looking at other people, that, working so hard and whole life only to pay debts.. Housing loan / car loan / credit card loan / whatever loan... working so hard just enough to survive or raising a family.. why? why we live in this world for DEBTS? why seems we working for DEBTS? That's LIFE (many people said)... why we want to be a slave for MONEY?

Anyway... Enjoy whatever you do now is most important...

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