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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Finally my turn to fall "SICK"

"U" been sick for almost a week... slowly in the recovering process.. really feel myself a real failure.. unable to take care "U".. dont even mention unable to see "U".. I only able to remind you to take care.. take wisely on your food consumption.... haihzz... I really miss "U".. we been apart day by day and I dont even wish to think back how long already.... Dear.. wish Ms. Healthy will follow you all the time..

Finally, my turn to fall sick.. just a little headache and fever due to rain.. really scare to have fever as I dont like "COLD + HOT" feeling... dont know its hot or cold.. and my forehead very heaty.. I'm trying my best not to fall down.. but unfortunately.. unable to stand it.. I know "U" will be worry about me if i fall sick.. at this moment.. just take care.. and recover soon...

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