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Thursday, September 16, 2010

T.G.I - The Garden

Date : 31st Aug 2010

Since is Public Holiday aka Merdeka Day aka Off Day... so what is my plan? Oh yeah... went to gym as my favourite instructor do open class - Body Combat by Mr Delon.... Its the first time I be at gym room early this morning.... Surprisingly, quite empty but luckily there still people attend the class... "phew".. at least the instructor not so focus on me...

After the class, head to Mid Valley to survey Mooncake for gift... Since I got voucher, so my sister suggest to go TGI but I wish to go Italianes as never try b4.. after survey the menu.. yet prefer TGI... Since on diet, my sister and I just order a little and in sharing portion...

(Mac Cheese = RM13.90)

Frankly speaking, even though just 6 pieces but its really enough for two... Because you really can feel its really cheesy... Its so crispy outside and so cheesy inside.... great for those who love CHEESE.... me ! me ! me !...

(Chicken Pepper & Mushroom - RM27.90)

There is "new" icon on the menu... So we both pick this as our main dish... Its nothing to shout about... Its not at the satisfactory level... The rice taste "yuck"... really chiplak rice... As TGI, also consider a little bit high class... why use so chiplak brand of rice? no good no good...

(Mini Dessert 3X - RM9.90)

Strawberry Parfait, Tropical Delight and Snickers Treat... Personally perfer Tropical Delight...


  1. I have not try T.G.I so far. Maybe will stay away from it after seeing what you got to say here

  2. Falcon - Still got alots other you can try... this is my 2nd visit to TGI... 1st visit quite good for me... If you do take beef.. i think will be better..


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