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Monday, September 20, 2010

Communicative English Programme - ELS Language Centres

Programme : Communicative English Programme [CEP]
Language Centres : ELS [Bukit Bintang]
Intake : 21st Sept 2010
Level : Intermediate
Duration : 12 weeks [twice a week, 2 hours per class]

This course is fully sponsor by my company with any term & condition... Its part of the training programme to staff.. Actually company didn't allocate any but due to special request so few of us got the privillege... My job function which include conduct training... Therefore, speaking must be in proper... As moving towards management level, writing is a must too.. So proper communication is very important as might dealing with foreigner or professional people... This is one kind to improve myself too...

The whole course consist 3 levels [Elementary, Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate].. and each level do need to complete 2 modules.. A placement test is needed to check the candidate's English skills... The placement test include 3 parts which are listening, writing and speaking.. Very interesting test as long time never sit it... Its recall me when I still study at university...

So class will be started on 21st Sept 2010 and lasted for 3 months... Then my gym class will be reduce due to this English course... This is one kind of opportunity cost... In order to get something, you must give up something...

As per brochure, the course emphasises on specific communication skills needed for daily life, practise in using the conversational English skills learned, maximising interaction among learners and personalised attention in developing each learner's communication needs.. [source from ELS's brochure]

So after the placement test, should be curious which level I will be in right? Intermediate.. the highest level.. Asking myself, are you sure? I thought I'm in pre-intermediate only... at least not at elementary level... Since so advance, I'm not sure whether I able to cope with the class or not? will see how its goes...

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  1. All the best and have fun ^^ that's the best way to learn a language, use it and have fun ^^


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