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Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Malaysia Day !!

Oppss... now is 17th Sept 2010 00.50am...

Happy Belated Malaysia Day !!

What is the real meaning of Malaysia Day? What is the different between Merdeka and Malaysia Day?

Merdeka Day is to celebrate Malaya achieve Independant from British by our first prime minister effort TAR... Malaysia Day is formation of MALAYSIA [consist of Penisular, Sabah and Sarawak].. Dont ask me the date.... as the real meaning behind this two days I also not that sure.. hahaa...

Frankly speaking, 16th Sept is just another holiday for me.... but for EM, they doesnt think that way.... Anyway.. thanks to EM for the additional off day..

Proven that I'm not so loyal to my own country... No doubt on it...

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