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Friday, June 10, 2011

Ko Hyang - Fahrenheit 88 (Closed)

This is my second visit... Its affordable for me.. As you know Korean food very expensive... This one taste very nice.... During weekday, dinner time still not much patron... Dont know whether will be crowded during lunch time or weekend..

I like the most - menu with picture... yeah yeah.. I dont like to see A B C...

Serve with 3 little snacks - as usual in Korean food.. why so little?? I heard around 7 or 8 !!
Green Tea - Rm3.00 and Crushed Pear - RM4.80..
Personally, Crushed Pear is highly recommended... The taste like you are biting a fresh pear... Unbelievable...

Dol Sot Bim Bim Bab - HOT - RM16.90
Its one of my favourite... Its so delicious...
After mixing, refer to the picture below....

Look delicious? Yeah yeah...

Soon Dobu Ji Gae - RM14.90
Its spicy seafood tofu soup... Its hot...

Serve with white rice

Tuk Bokki - RM13.90
Its Korean rice cake... its so Q Q..

I very enjoying the food....

Its got chance to dropby at Fahrenheit 88, remember dropby this little Korean restaurant.. Definitely you will like it...

There is promotion going on... Lunch time : free drinks... If you spend RM30.00 and above, entitle 10% discount... If you spend RM50.00 and above, you entitle one selected dish... Service is good..


  1. Korea rice cake sounds so good..

  2. uhh! both bibimbap and korean rice cake is my all-time-fav!!!isshhh!! craving for it alrdy...^^

  3. so satisfying a? :P do they have set lunch or something? hehehe

  4. Mmmmm PERFECT! Thanks for the review, I think i'll go here for dinner tonight!


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