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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Jolin Tsai Be Myself - Malaysia Cencert

Date : 11th June 2011
Location : Stadium Merdeka
Time : 8.00pm to 11.00pm
Important Person : Jolin Tsai
Special Guest : Kartoon Network , DJ Daniel (others are unnamed so I dont know who)

Its been a long time since my last concert (wuhuuuu.. "my last concert" - seems like I'm opening concert).. If not mistaken the last concert I went was Grasshopper at Sunway Surf Beach... That was awesome concert...

Jolin Tsai is one of the artist I been looking for her concert... She very "big"... She had one concert at Malaysia before which held at Kelana Jaya Stadium/Shah Alam Stadium.. If these two locations doesnt consider a concert.. wait till you see the picture below...

Overall, The rundown of the concert is good.. Jolin's performance is great.. Her dance, her outfit and her singing.. I'm little surprise she keep changing outfit almost every songs... Esepcially at the very first 6-7 songs.. Her outfit make her more hot and sexy.. She so beautiful... I believe there is amendment at her outfit to suit strict requirement here...

While her dance, I think no doubt for it.. The dance move is so awesome.. She look like princess... She able to sing with a hand holding a microphone while dance... Of course, the stability cannot compare the headphone.. But yet can achieve 90%... This really test a singer skill... I do doubt whether sing live or ........ (leave it to your imagination)...

Overall, I enjoy her performance..

(Jolin's Fan Club member - pink is her favourite colour)

Instead I very disappointed with the organizer... The seating and overall the stadium arrangement.. The space is not fully utilize make the whole stadium look empty... Yes.. we are the cheapest ad dont expect to see clearly how real look of Jolin.. But hey, please dont make the stadium so empty... If i were the artist, I will feel back... Its awful.. All the while, watching concert at Stadium Merdeka is not my preference...

So empty (there is huge empty space between the cheapest and most expensive)

Empty and Empty - Middle due to block by a Production Stage..

Bottom level - I dont know why nobody sit...

Beside this, the audience's really quiet.. Hey this is concert.. You come here for your idol.. Scream, clap hands, flash ur light.. Jolin need it.. She even mention this at the concert... She said "She is surprise of our quiet".. She said we cannot even compare to Singapore.. OMG !! Mostly is due to the seat arrangement.. Even we the cheapest yell.. the sound cannot group together.. The stadium is open air.. Haihzzz...

Bad location !! Great Concert !! The sound system, no comment :( ....


  1. the view is like dam kao kao kao far right . . . :S

  2. ooooo, shud hv the concert at bukit jalil~~ a lot better!!!

  3. she sings live for very sure lar, u dont have to doubt this!


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