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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dumpling Day !!

Happy Dumpling Day !!

Eat your "Zhong" already?? I had mine... Today is 5th May according to Chinese calendar.. I'm not going to tell history of "zhong" day... in fact.. most you chinese know what this day all about...

Every chinese family will eat lunch/dinner together at home... Its a big treat meal... In cantonese call "tai yat chi"... Since today is weekday and I'm not able to back home... So I celebrate this big dumpling day with my family on Sunday (yesterday).. My sister cook a very simple home food... This year I manage to had 3 different type of dumplings... nice nice...

Fine chop onion


fine chop ginger


yim sai

equal to

Onion + Ginger + Yim sai + Oyster sauce = perfect match for steam chicken

Steam Chicken

Special tauhu... super delicious... Manufacturing and Selling only at my kampung... 2nd generation.... wannt try?? come to Gopeng...

Kau kei soup.. one of my favourite...

Nyonya dumpling - sweet

cantonese dumpling = my favourite

this one eat with sugar

I had very nice Dumpling Day this year.... Hope more to come for next year... next next year... and future....


  1. wah.. nice look dumpling.. u make your own?

  2. "Every chinese family will eat lunch/dinner together at home..." not in my case - at least not the ENTIRE family.


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