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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore - Part 1

Date : 26th May 2011
Venue : Sentosa Island Singapore

Its so coincident, that day was Universal Studio Grand Opening ... I only knew that a few days before my departure to Singapore ... Excited yet a bit worry due to the crowd... My friend said why I'm so stupid to pick that day.. OMG !! I booked the super deal hotel room one year ago.. I believe that time even the CEO of USS dont know 26/05/2011 is the Grand Opening Day ..

I stayed at Tune Hotel Danga Bay, since I couldn't get the shuttle direct to USS.. I need manually go there by myself.. From Kranji MRT station to Harbour Front MRT station and from Vivo City to Sentosa Island ... Its quite a long journey but I feel very adventure.. Coz my first time...

Arrive about 10.30am and the Grand Opening Ceremony just started.. Well, I'm not that interested at the Grand Opening Ceremony, so I walked around outside before entering the theme park... Soon I finish exploring outside, the Grand Opening Ceremony is about to END... wow.. its so crowded.. a lots of people.. But I'm happy as this is the theme park atmosphere.. Will you feel happy if there isn't anyone around??

MUST do when entering a theme park !! Grab a map and study on the activities... Based on my experience at Hong Kong Disneyland, this time I start to look around what is the show available and the time.. Then only I plan my route.. This is to catch everything in this limited time...

I do snap photos with some characters.. Take a look whether any of you preference.. For me... NOPE !! As the character really out of my expectation.. So this part, quite disappoint me...

All photos taken by the staff.. good skill right?? Its very limited, as one group or family per photos.. This is to give more chances for people to snap photos... So if you are two persons in a group and have two cameras.. will you both take together or separate?? If separate, you both can tell the staff we are not recognise each other..

Stay tune for more update about USS !!


  1. ohhh... so envy!
    i only been there for the night fireworks! waiting for more update from u! :D



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