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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ultimate Cheesy 7 Pizza - Pizza Hut

After the previous 6 cheesy pizza introduced by Pizza Hut some time ago, I always craving for some cheesy food... Yup.. I definitely a cheese love and thanks to Pizza Hut for the latest invention.. How can I miss it??? No way..

A day while ago, after work and I dont feel like going home first but wish to have a walk.. Out of sudden I think of why not let's pizza???

This is my 3rd visit to this outlet.. Still remember when was my last two visit and with who... 1st was with my elder sister, brother in law and younger sister.. That time was about 10 years ago during Puasa month and open puasa time.. 2nd time was 3 years ago with one colleague for my birthday during lunch time... And this time was with my younger sister during weekday for dinner..

After so long, when arrive at this outlet, the first impression is "why this outlet look so old?" and its really doesnt look similar with other outlet... And alone the dining, I found that my sister and me are the only Asian.. OMG !! We felt so weird that time... The service from the crew really fantastic.. The service so good and the environment so antique... :)

Please ring a bell for any service you wish !!

Garlic Bread always the BEST !!

Awesome !! This is my main purpose for the day...
Cheese Cheese Cheese !!

My sister trying to pull the cheese to check how cheesy it is...
Advertisement look? hahahaha

What are 7 cheese that in this slice of pizza??
1. Romano
2. Monterey Jack
3. Parmesan
4. Provolone
5. Mozzarella
6. Cheddar
7. Cream Cheese (Philadephia - Kraft)

The final debut cheese for this time really make me melting like ice melting at artic... Its so cool to bite the cream cheese... If you really a cheese love, this is the one that you definitely cant miss it...

Opppsss !! I havent mention where is this outlet?? Its located opposite McDonald Bukit Bintang...


  1. wow.. I love cheesy pizza.. Will have try sooner

  2. Cheese overload!! O__O But it looks really yummy~ :D Haven't had pizza for quite a while now, lol.

    Oh, and thanks for the comment/feedback for my Garnier BB Roll-On post! :) I wanted to post the before/after pics, but decided not to coz to me the photos looked almost the same even though I can clearly see the difference when i look in the mirror. T_T
    Do tell me what product you use to fight dark circles! XD I would like some recommendations, hehe ^^

  3. I tried ! I super super like the little ball of cheese on the pizzas :D :D


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