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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nivea - Refining Peel-Off Mask

Mask !! I think no girl dont know what is MASK... in skincare range !! There are many MASK available in the market... Peel Off, Wash Off, Put Off and etc... I like the most is Peel Off Mask... So far I use variety of Peel Off Mask and I feel good about it...

But But But... skin expert told me that Peel Off Mask is not that good and will cause wrinkle if often used... ermmm... Wrinkle wor !! At my age this word really scaring !! But I really prefer Peel Off than others...

Unfortunately, not much Peel Off Mask available to the market..

About few months I didn't do mask and since there is sales around.. I went to shop around and found out this one... Nivea Refining Peel Off Mask... Since it is buy second is cheap.. why not? Buy two and in total I got 4 lo... Enough for one month supply... If not mistaken RM5.90 per one...

2 in 1
This small pack is more than enough to cover your face...

Transparent blue colour

Its not easy to apply to the face as its quite watery... The fluid keep on dropping here and there.. Gosh !! I'm so not expert in applying Peel Off Mask... If got tube form better then wont so wasted...

After apply 15 minutes on the face, I dont feel my face so tighten... The texture very smooth and soft.. My face look blue when mask on... Hope my mind not blur later on... hahaha !!

The picture above show the peeling Mask.. I decide to snap it coz I feel like peeling off egg skin.. hahahahaaha !!! Off Off Off !! All the dirt, etc go away from me... My face feel so refreshing !! Even after second day, I still feel good !!!

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  1. really so effective? i wanna try it to freshen my skin too!




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