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Sunday, December 4, 2011

MOA - Most Amazing 2011 - M Live

MOA - Most Amazing 2011 - M Live by CJ
Date - 3rd December 2011
Venue - MBPJ Stadium at Kelana Jaya
Time - 7.30pm to 9.30pm

After Korean Wave that I attended, this is second Korean concert... There are few parties will participate this concert... MOA Live artist consist Miss A, B1A4, f(x) and Super Junior... The news came so sudden and annoucement just blast out about one month before the concert... With Super Junior performance, definitely this concert will be awesome...

The ticket price really not cheap... the cheapest also RM180+... How can a teenager can afford?? Can? You guys super rich... And why is that venue?? I totally no idea where is that... Luckily my friend draw a map to me... And this map really save me...

I arrived at the MBPJ stadium about 5.00pm and found out a lots of people around the stadium... Its such a great supporting action from the fan... Such so early, there so many people... But I saw a lots wearing blue colour... And soon I found out that is SuJu represent colour... I thought I at SuJu concert...

Fan Gate?
What do they means by Fan Gate??
After that I know they got priority to enter the stadium first...

My entrance !! Gate 2
Waiting at there about 5.15pm... The gate open at about 7.00pm... About 6.30pm, all the crowd start yelling, shouting and bang the gate.. Open Open Open !!! Some were arguing with the guard.. Some shouting with the guard.. yet still not sure why no action taken... OMG !!

When Gate 2 opened, but only ONE... Suppose open 2 but ONE... OMG !! All people pushing pushing pushing... ONE entrance !! OMG !! WTF !!! What the organizer thinking??? Already so late only allow all to enter the stadium.. Now open ONE gate.. Being push all the way to enter the stadium... OMG !! I cant breath lo.. Almost choking !!

OMG !! I'm so far from the stage !!
Where is the "Y" shape???
Original plan I suppose to see the stage quite near in front of me !!

In front of me is nothing !!

Blue Blue Blue !!
Super Junior Fan !!

What I hate the most for the whole concert is the smoke !! I not sure why blowing smoke at the stage?? Its blocking the view OK !! Stupid !! Its really not clear enough !! Smoky performance... Can organizer answer my question?? I already dont mind the sudden big slashing ticket price, re-arrange seat zone, poor sound system, blur/small/unstable screen.... So so So????

At the end of the concert, all artist line up and thanks to audience.... All fan get crazy and want SS4 at Malaysia !! The whole concert, I so be waiting SuJu singing Mr. Simple.. Definitely their performance really not disappointing me.. Awesome singing without lip sync and smooth dance step all the way... Great !!

Overall, I dont really enjoy the concert.. Just feel something is missing !! But Super Junior is great !!

P/S - So lucky no rain on that day.. Plus super sunny too.... And I heard KL at that time heavy rain...


  1. wahh how come like got cheated? lol

  2. Wah your seat is really far from the stage :O Not syiok lah like that. Few of my classmates went too.


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