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Monday, January 20, 2014

Pavilion KL CNY 2014 Decoration

HORSE !! In chinese calendar, 2014 is HORSE year.. Energetic and active.. This year Pavilion KL, decorate the CNY with 688 horse in red and white.. The 688 horses, scatter around the main entrance.. Its truly a different decoration from others shopping mall as mainly others uses GOLD Horse.. 

Red Tanglung at the stair towards the stage

Flower blossom

Looks traditional !!
 Personally I like this angle shot but too bad, my skill doesnt good so unable to capture the best !!

Partially 688 horses (mini)
Towards the main entrance

Horses near the MAIN ENTRANCE

Main Entrance - Front View
Do pay a visit as this decoration really give you a great CNY feel... 688 horses represent prosperity !!

Huat ah !! Wish everyone a great HORSE year ahead !!

P/S - snapping using HTC ONE X

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