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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nelson Tan Cafe

Nelson Tan.. if you know mandarin then you know the meaning... hehehe...
This little cafe restaurant located at nearly carrefour kepong.. this is my re-visit... 1st time, mandy recoomend me this cafe but unable to snap any picture of it.... the food quite good and i like this mixed fruit juice... really nice... then environment also OK... worthy to give it a try de... coz the menu quite varieties...

(Pineapple, Orange, Watermelon)

(Unagi Rice)

(Pork Chop Rice - RM8.90 - cheese & sweet sour sauce - thumb ups)

I will go again to try out their other menu.. actually many other types of japanese food available.. example japanese pizza... hehehe... the price quite reasonable la.... :)


  1. when you came kepong? didnt call me ya? hahhahahaha now kepong got many new restaurant like Le classic, de foods nice oso~ i got post on my blog

  2. The Unagi rice looks good! Post more next time when u tried others!


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