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Saturday, September 26, 2009

09.09.09 - Nambawan Cafe

While everyone mark this 09.09.09 as their special date... I also want to mark this date to my special day but unfortunately my DAY havent arrive yet.. So I'm had my dinner at this special day with my special LOVE.. tada... my sister....

First time we explored to a new place which we never been to.. Only a roughly idea where is the place... so excited and nervous.. hahaha... being driving at night but seems like dunno where are we heading to...

Being heard of this cafe / restaurant so long but dont have chance to pay a visit yet... so why not at this special day?? Heard its offer quality food but yet lower price.... so be waiting for the dinner...

when arrive.. surprisingly, the area is at housing area.. surrounding is all the apartment, condos and terrace.. and that area not really a high end area.. but there is one western cruisine... really surprise me...

(Watermelon & Lemonade - really thumb ups for the Lemonade - RM3.90)



(Pork Burger - RM6.90)

Overall the food is so so for me.. the taste doesn't up to my expectation... but but.. with this kind of price can offer this kind of food... consider OK.. may be will pay another visit to it..

P/S : heard this cafe is famous for PORK Delight.. may be try their PORK menu instead...


  1. We don't get to see a lot of pork burger in this country :)

  2. hahaha, u will not be forgotten ...keep on updatin!

  3. yeah ~ yeah~ you didnt order their special meal? pork rib is nice


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