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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mamak Stall's Breakfast

Most of us very miss... half boiled egg, kopi and bread.... And nowadays there are many cafe offer these set breakfast.... But personally thinking, its quite expensive... about RM6.00 or more...

Nearby my house there is one Mamak Stall offer this set breakfast at RM2.50.. very cheap cheap cheap.. plus the egg is Telur Kampung lo.. hehehe... a very satisfying morning.... The breakfast set include Teh Tarik [any beverages at your choice], Half Boiled Egg and Roti Bakar... cheap ler... more than enough....

Beside that... one of the Malaysian favourite breakfast also offer at Mamak Stall... roti canai.. but my personal favourite is Roti Telur Bawang.. hehehe..

The best reasonable food.... morning, lunch, teat time, dinner and supper also available.. 24 hours.. hahaha... nice nice nice...


  1. hahaha, so true. old town's food is rather expensive~~~

    Usually, I go to chinese kopitiam to eat...

  2. We don't have mamak stall here. Kind of miss them

  3. mmmm.... miss the roti canai already....

  4. mamak place still offers cheaper food option


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