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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Legend Hotel Hi-Tea Buffet (Renamed)

Date : 5th Sept 2009
Venue : Legend Hotel, 9th Floor
Price : RM29.00 per pax

Bought this 50% voucher at last Matta Fair (March '09).... can satisfy my hunger at least... For this kind of price.. I think consider OK... the food overall is satisfying.... especially the porridge.. I love it...

(Fresh salad - yummy)

(Delicious sandwiches)

(mini yam puff - chinese section)


(Chee Cheung Fun with Yong Tauhu - outside eat very expensive de lo - here can enjoy freely)

(Fish porridge - very nice)

(Roti Jala - thumb up)

(Asam Laksa - too sour)

(ABC - own creation)

(mini tart and cake - small enough for satisfaction)

(varieties of pudding)

(Chocolate fountain? fondue?)

(mix N match)

(Ice Cream - delicious)

(Pancake - varieties of topping for selection)

(Truly Malaysia - Rojak)

The are still a lots of food available.. Just my stomach is not enough to fill in everything... Anyway.. quite satisfy la... I think is PUASA Month so less crowded... so can enjoy the food nicely... :)


  1. RM29 for hi-tea is cheap. But I wonder how much can i eat?

  2. love the dessert =p
    ops and roti jala :)

  3. wow.....very cheap hi tea buffet.

    nice nice bloggie...will visit here often...nice to meet u!

  4. don't really like this place for buffet. one thing to get to this place, u have to squeeze thru the city jam


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