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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lot 10 KL CNY 2014 Decoration

Lot 10 Shopping Mall has very simple Chinese New Year decoration.. The major decoration located is at the side entrance (H&M entrance)...

Outside LOT 10 - Facing BB Plaza

Outside LOT 10 - Facing Pavilion

Inside LOT 10 - Pink Tang Lung

Each floor with Tang Lung

On top of each pillar inside Lot 10

Outside LOT 10 - Night View
I do hope I can get better angle.. But I'm just too beginner when using phone to snap... Haihzz.. I need to enhance my skill more...

P/S - Snap photo using HTC ONE X


  1. was just there last night :) , nice sharing

  2. Happy Spring Festival. Have a great horse year ahead.


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