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Thursday, January 9, 2014

MPIB 2014

Date : 4th January 2014
Venue : Padang Merbok
Route : 7km/12km run and 5km/3km walk

Finish the RUN with smile !!
This is first run for year 2014.. with new year new beginning, I consider achieve the best result.. I been start running half year ago.. and I'm addict to it.. Initially, I went to gym just to get myself do exercise only.. After participate in RUN... I love it...

So crowded.. People waiting for the MILO
After the RUN, the first thing in my mind is MILO... because the milo drink is super delicious and refreshing after drink.. When cold meet hot.. great feeling... 
Finishing Medal - Front

Finishing medal - Back
 Back the on the timing tracking, its seems I'm running faster and faster throughout the run.. LOL... Is this means I can run more KM in future? How about target - 21KM at Standard Chartered Run 2014?


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