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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hakka Yuen 客家苑 @ Taman Yulek

I bought this deal for RM28.00 2 pax... Hakka dishes.. The Lei Cha Rice is delicious... Compare to Ying Ker Lou which I think a bit overprice, this is far more better at affordable price... The Lei Cha is better and taste nice...

Lei Cha Rice
The Lei Cha Rice, is enough for 2 pax if small eater like my sister and me... The soup given is more than enough and doesnt need to top-up..

Fried Abacus
This is one of my favourite hakka dish... First time I ate when I study at Malacca few years back... This version include tiny dried shrimp, choy po and muk yee... The combination is perfect.. I think that day the cook put little too much on soy sauce, so quite salty.. probably added choy po make the saltiness increase..

Fried egg with basil leaf
Its a very normal dish whereby you can cook it at home.. Normally, we will fried the egg with basil leaf then boil soup... just so delicious... Eating like this still taste good but just a bit dry... By the way, is Basil leaf very easy to be found?

Fried eggplant with basil leaf
This is the first time I ate eggplant with basil leaf... The aroma of this dish so nice... Again, little salty.. the best eat with white rice.. Yummy Yummy...

My sister with little reluctant look for me to snap picture..
Definitely will go back to taste more in the menu... Always passing by this restaurant and crowded with people..You doesnt need to wait too long for the dishes to serve.. This is the best as waiting time is short..

You may call for reservation...

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