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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Cup Korean Food @ Pavilion KL (Closed)

Its a new concept of eating? Its new packaging? But definitely newly open at Pavilion.. 

Its quite stylist and fashionable... In Malaysia, we rarely see take away packing like this... Always when we watch Korean/Taiwan movie, you will see they use paper box to put the take-away food..  or when you watch Hollywood movie, when the people take-away Chinese food, its will be in paper cup.. I always wonder, why Malaysia doesnt have this? Plus paper is recyclable item.

THE CUP - seems make my wish come true.. I can be as stylist as the actor/actress in the movie.. LOL.. Aside from that, OF COURSE, food quality (taste and presentation) is very important... By the way, I'm eating the food not the packaging... 

Since craving for Korean Food, I choose THE CUP as I need to take-away and bring home.. So it very convenient to bring along because I'm taking LRT.. 

At the ordering counter
THE CUP comes with variety size - small, medium and large... I think mine is the small.. Large probably for SOUP based..

Two sets pack in one transparent plastic bag
Stylist? Yeah !! Pretty packaging... Let everyone see what inside... Dont jealous OK.. LOL

Two sets of Korean Meal
The set include main course + drink + kimchi.. Its not complete without kimchi.. That's is the best part of Korean Food !! Dont look small at that kimchi.. Its enough to satisfy your taste...
KimChi Fried Rice

Jja Jang Rice
 I dont know what ingredient but its taste good.. My dad love this,,  the gravy is more like soy sauce..

Am I look cool with THE CUP?
Overall, the taste is good.. But a bit pricey for me.... Actually I rather eat at Korean restaurant.. Almost same price and with alots side dishes... But now they do have deal at living social.. Do check it out if you wish to have a try.. at least once...

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