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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Red BeanBag @ Publika

Coffee Coffee Coffee !!! its mushrooming around Klang Valley... Its a trend now to drink coffee with beautiful art !! I heard of Red BeanBag for quite some times and weekend always pack with people that craving for brunch...

Free Flow Water
I abit reluctant to drink it at first becuase its seems the bottle not that clean (at the top) and unsure how long the water already put there... Then my sister pour it to the glass.. I took a sip of it and just feel nothing.. LOL... It is a good idea to put the water at there? Or should serve the water when there is customer sitting at the table?

Lovely coffee art.. Its swan !! Its just so beautiful.. and the coffee is good... I means its better than those S franchise !!

Picolo Latte
My sister order picolo latte.. Frankly speaking, we still not sure how to drink coffee.. Just suit my taste then OK... Not really how to differentiate the taste between this and that...

My sister with her big breakfast

Two eggs make to order, one sausage, one hash brown, 3 slices of ham, baked bean, two slices of bread, sautee mushroom..

Egg Ben with Salmon and Toast Bread - Yuimmy

I like to poach egg so much.. YUMMY !!

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