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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

World Diabetes Day 2013

Date : 10th November 2013
Venue : Dataran Merdeka
Route : 7km/10km run and 5km walk
Organized by : Malaysian Endocrine & Metabolic Society (MEMS)
Purpose : to increase diabetes awareness and prevention

Sorry for the late post !! 

I participate for 5km walk and its my first walkathon.. I manage to finish the 5km walkathon for about 50 minutes.. That day got light rain... The rain enough to make your hair all wet.... I quite satisfy my timing... Means more room for improvement... LOL..

As the the turnout, its really not that great.. its consider small scale of run event.. At the event, also provide simple health screening, free milo + 100 plus drinks... Overall consider OK but I dont like the staff/volunteer... They keep screaming/scolding at runners.... 

First scolding i encounter was when I just arrive at Dataran Merdeka.. Since got 15 minutes to flag off, and i'm just next to the start off point, I'm thinking to watch the 10km flag off first then only enter.. but the staff keep chasing me to enter the flag off point.. Sigh !! He said I cannot stand/gather at there... 

Second scolding, when I reach the finishing line, I'm queuing for certification.. I heard the staff yelling at everyone that medal already finish.. no more medal.. OK.. fine.. then he scold people, faster go there collect goodies bag.. no medal here... faster go there.. go go go... no medal no medal..

Third scolding, when I'm queuing for goodies bag.. the line moving slow.. out of sudden i heard a voice, come here, queue here.. faster take then go.. dont wait.. faster faster... sigh !!

I really wanted to tell those uncle, please calm down.. we come here to have fun... 

At starting point
Blue sea - run and walk with balloon

Beratur to get goodies bag

My sister doing glucose test
Drawing drawing drawing !!
My cousin and sister showing off their drawing

I'm at the stage - wet floor

My face drawing nice? LOL !!

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  1. The new trend in town - walkathon/ jogathon.

    I don;t have the determination to finish already.hahahaa, getting old


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