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Monday, December 23, 2013

Unan Roti John @ Putrajaya (Closed)

Location : Istana Kehakiman Presint 3 Putrajaya (next to it have small kiosk)

Small Kiosk but famous at Putrajaya
Young guy operate this small kiosk.. Surprisingly, the food is good !! Damn good at reasonable price !! If the weather is great, not sunny and windy, perfect for relaxing while dining !!

Burger Ayam Special - RM3.30
Super delicious burger with 3 types of sauces - Mayonoise, chillie and black pepper.. The meat taste so good because they put the soy sauce and pepper to cook... I just drown into it when the first bite.. RM3.30 definitely cheaper than any stall at KL..

Chicken Roti John - RM4.00
One person really unable to finish this ROti John.. The meat + egg base quite thick too.. Normally, you wont able to taste the ingredient, but this one YES..I think the sauce a bit too much that cover the roti john taste.. so I can taste is chillie sauce.. If put little bit less, then will be perfect..

Papa and Sis enjoying the meal at relaxing place

So relaxing right the place?
Look at the place... It is perfect to sip a cup of coffee? Oh GOSH !!... Look like oversea... There isnt any umbrella for you to shade... So souly depends on the tree... GOD bless that day not sunny and windy.. so I can enjoy till the fullest...

I just too in love with this place.. If got coffee then perfect !!

I want the whole plate !!

Chicken Wrap Roti John - RM7.00
Wrap with omellete... This one more awesome.. with the egg wrap the whole roti john, the taste more good... I just in love with it... I definitely will come back on NIGHT... The guy said open daily until  about 12am... Saturday and Sunday definitely more crowded...

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  1. I know this kiosk but never try it. Never though it is so good.


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