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Monday, January 27, 2014

Breakfast at La Bodega Pavilion KL

Date - 25th Dec 2013
Venue - La Bodega Pavilion KL

Sorry - its a delay post !!

My sister birthday was on 18th Dec 2013 and promise her to treat her nice meals at La Bodega.. Its been a delay due to tight schedule... So its brunch time.. Its super lazy day with perfect weather.. That day dining experience is awesome.. Siting at outside having great meal with family.. really great !!

Enjoying a sip of nice coffee

Spanish Breakfast
Spanish Breakfast - RM33.00

Spanish Breakfast is little bit different from what we normally sees in English/American big breakfast.. Choices of Two Farm fresh eggs - cooked to order, 4 slices turkey ham/bacon, two chickens sausage, potatoe, sautee mushroom, asparagus and toast bread..

You may opt to Spanish Breakfast only with RM23.00 or RM33.00 with a glass or fresh fruit juice and a cup of coffee..

The turkey ham/bacon really taste but a bit salty for me.. after eat it, the lip will turn a bit reddish.. proabbly the colouring.. Overall, its colourful so make you feel good..

Cappuccino - RM12.00
RM12.00 for a cup of good coffee it is expensive? But its depends individual... Its smooth and the coffee taste ngam ngam and doesnt over with milk..
Latte - RM12.00 (comes together with breakfast)

Fresh Orange Juice
Fresh Orange Juice (comes along with breakfast)
This orange juice really taste delicious... Normally when I order Orange Juice its feel too watery or too sour or doesnt taste like orange.. But this one just nice... Its seems only Orange with extra water.. Thumb ups

Egg Benedict
Egg Benedict with Turkey Ham - RM15.00
The presentation of the EGG Ben didnt impress me even a bit disappointed. Egg Poached do look good but the ham taste very normal.. Its look like normal ham that available at supermarket.

Egg Poach
Egg Poach
The egg poached really good... I think they cook it using mould.. because both egg pattern is the same.. The hollandise sauce, I need to spread it on top myself as they serve separately... They should at least add some vege / salad / sautee mushroom so that the whole plate doesnt look dull..

Penne Puttanesca with Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables - RM24.00
I substitute Penne with Spaghetti. [Penne, spicy homemade tomato sauce with olives, capers, anchovies, grilled eggplant,and grilled zucchini, served with shaved parmesan]

Portion is huge.. For small eater, definitely cant finish it alone... Taste so delicious.. Probably I like girlled vegetable.. The tomato sauce is not too sour and you still can taste the freshness....

My sister with Happy and Satisfy face

P/S - OMG !! Two years ago, I treat my sister at here for her birthday !!

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