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Monday, January 11, 2010

La Bodega @ Pavillion

Date : 18th Dec 2009

December 18th is my little sister's birthday.. Since its holiday, so decide to treat her English Breakfast.. She like it very much.. even though quite ezpensive and seems not really worthy.. But once a while.. I think is OK.. being looking for nice English Breakfast and suggest to her.. finally she decide this one...

Since quite early, most of the shop not open yet, so not much people hang around.. its just nice.. Surprisingly, quite many people having breakfast at here.. hmm.. but mostly is foreigner.. The whole environment very nice... either hang around at this early morning or at night.. its definitely a nice place to hang around..

The waiter pass us the MENU.. wow.. a lots of thing.. but we unsure what those.. TAPAs? what is that? really wonder... but since our purpose is to having breakfast.. so we know concentrate on Breakfast page... I order "English Breakfast" and my sister order "Big Breakfast".. hehehe.. Her portion definitely bigger as she quite a big eater... Both set include choice of coffee and juice...

While waiting for the food to serve.. we both definitely wont miss the chance to snap photo la.. hahaha.. snap here and there... beside also flipping newspaper and magazine.. wow.. really relaxing... enjoy enjoy enjoy... hope my coffee and serve faster....


Fresh Orange Juice

So nice the cappucino ... its with the coffee art.. look simple but yet not easy to do it.. with nice one... hehehe.. cheers... the fresh orange juice also delicious.. pure fresh orange... :) But coffee + juice = or li tu.. will it??

Finally the food is serve.. wow.. nice nice nice... taste good... really.. I like the saute mushroom... nice nice... two egg with order to cook.. meaning its ur wish how it cook.. scramble? sunny side up? omelete? poach? etc etc...

Big Breakfast

English Breakfast


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