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Monday, January 4, 2010

Shangri La Hotel - The Pub

Date : 30th Dec 2009
Remark : Special Complimentary 3 course meals Coupon given by my sister boss

The environment of the restaurant/pub not so grand.. in fact a little old.. especially on the decor.. And the place quite hidden at the corner...

Surprisingly, all the people walk in to this restaurant also with the Coupon.. wonder izzit got any people will dine in here if without that Complimentary Coupon?

Anyway, the food quite nice.. its delicious... environment also good especially when there is live band... Its quite a nice place for quiet chatting with partner.. hehehe..

Starter - Tomato Soup

Starter - with the soup...

Main Course - Salmon (my fav)

Main Course - Grilled Chicken

Dessert - Choco Cake (its super choco)

Its super nice to end my 2009 with such a delicious meal and super cool place.. If not there is free meal, I think i wont be at this The Pub.. an open eye for me.. hehehe.. thanks to sister's boss...

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