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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe

Date - 7th February 2014 (CNY Day 8)

Strawberry Moment Dessert Cafe located at Kampung Raja Cameron Highlands. If you are going to Cameron from Simpang Pulai, this is the first stop on your left side. So you definitely will not going to miss it. 

Its definitely my first stop each time we arrive at Cameron Highlands. After about hour drive uphill, stopby here definitely very refreshing... This farm is improvement each time, from strawberry to salad vegetable to lavender flower... Its a great place to start your journey at Cameron.... This time, I think I overspend my time at here.. about 2 hours...

Green View Garden
Green View Garden (Dad and I)

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Lavender section

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Lavender Section

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Lavender Section

Green View Garden
Green View Garden - Salad Vegetable section

Strawberry Moments
Strawberry Moments - Cafe section

Strawberry Moments
Dad and I enjoying the desserts

Strawberry Moments
Strawberry Cheesecake
Frankly speaking, the cheesecake really just so so but the strawberry is freaking fresh... Sorry.. I forgot the price for this piece.. Since you at Cameron, why dont give it a try?

Strawberry Moments
Strawberry Strudel
Strawberry Strudel.. For desserts lover, you MUST try this... The strudel consist few thin layers and its crispy.. One bite, you can taste very strong butter flavour inside your months... I dont know how to eat this strudel.. Either you eat like BURGER or SANDWICH but you will spoilt the whole piece.. Or you eat layer by layer... Perfect combination Strudel + White whipped cream + strawberry + custard cream...

My sister truly enjoy the desserts
How could you not to dropby this place while you in Cameron Highlands !!!

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  1. Hello i'm TZ. Just dropped by to say hello. How's the weather in Cameron highland during CNY?


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